In our trainings we focus on the development of skills necessary for effective communication within and outside academia. We offer two broad introduction trainings (dealing with resp. presenting and media) and we have trainings with a more in-depth approach focusing on practical skills, personal skills, a specific medium, setting or audience. Furthermore we offer a personal training aiming at the preparation for a research grant interview.


Sometimes optimal functioning is hindered by personal issues. This can frustrate the cooperation with colleagues, but also prevent you from an optimal preparation for an important presentation. We offer personal coaching that helps you to deal with these kind of hindrances and aim at the development of skills and increasing effectiveness.


Next to our trainings and coaching we also design illustrations for research proposals and slides for keynotes or presentations that are part of the interview at NWO or ERC. Our support is not restricted to only the drawing of images, we also take part in the important first steps that lead to clear and convincing illustrations: from idea to story to design.