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Welcome to the website of Visser Visible Communication. Our specialization is communication by academic staff to audiences within and outside academia. We help academics to present themselves and their research in an authentic and convincing way to e.g. ERC and NWO panels, at conferences, but also via social and traditional media.

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Our trainings teach academics skills needed for communication within and outside academia. We focus on strategy, structure and design, but also on use of voice, body language and stress.


Personal issues can hinder the professional development and effectiveness. Our hands-on coaching helps academics to find the causes of problems and teaches them how to deal with for instance unhealthy work pressure, doubts or conflicts.


We develop PowerPoint slides and illustrations for research proposals. We draw, but we also advice on the story line of the presentation and the visual representation of ideas.

What our customers say

During Blogging About Your Research I not only learned a lot, but also got a lot of things done. I developed a blogging strategy, was inspired by reading other blogs, and wrote my first blog post. Hermen spots the problem immediately and recognizes why a text does not flow. By asking the right questions, he helped me to improve my text. What I was not able to do on my own in one year, Hermen fixed in an afternoon. I can recommend the training to anyone who wants to start blogging!

Meike de Boer, Universiteit Leiden