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During this training I not only learned a lot, but also got a lot of things done. I developed a blogging strategy, was inspired by reading other blogs, and wrote my first blog post. Hermen spots the problem immediately and recognizes why a text does not flow. By asking the right questions, he helped me to improve my text. What I was not able to do on my own in one year, Hermen fixed in an afternoon. I can recommend the training to anyone who wants to start blogging!

Meike de Boer, Universiteit Leiden


Hermen Visser

Hermen Visser

Hermen Visser (1985) studied Biology at Leiden University. Already during his studies he developed a passion for science communication and took his first steps as a trainer. He taught students in layout skills and the graphic software Adobe Illustrator, InDesign, and Photoshop. Since his graduation in 2011 he works as a freelance science journalist and trainer. He was radio and web editor at the editorial offices of the Dutch broadcasting agencies. VPRO and NTR. Currently he writes as a freelancer for VPRO Gids and Trouw.