Wat klanten over ons zeggen

I would like to thank you for your course and all pieces of advice that you gave me about presenting skills several months ago.
Recently I participated in an international conference. It is a very important one in my field! Every year they choose a best presenter for the award. I still cannot believe it, but I won this award this year. When I was preparing this talk I was trying to implement everything that you taught us. Of course, my little experience did not allow me to make this presentation ideal and there are always things that can be improved. But I can say that after your course my presentation skills improved significantly. I would like to thank you again and to highlight that your course is one of the most useful courses about transferable skills.

Anastasia Nkulina - Universiteit Leiden


Hermen Visser

Hermen Visser

Hermen Visser (1985) studied Biology at Leiden University. Already during his studies he developed a passion for science communication and took his first steps as a trainer. He taught students in layout skills and the graphic software Adobe Illustrator, InDesign, and Photoshop. Since his graduation in 2011 he works as a freelance science journalist and trainer. He was radio and web editor at the editorial offices of the Dutch broadcasting agencies. VPRO and NTR. Currently he writes as a freelancer for VPRO Gids and Trouw.

Kick Moors

Kick Moors (1954) studied History and worked in a variety of organisations as manager, HR adviser, coach, and trainer. In his work he focusses on supporting researchers in their professional development. Kick is a devoted and experienced trainer and coach. He understands very quickly what are the reasons behind personal obstacles researchers encounter on their career path and how they can deal with them.